Morgan & Matt

We just received our video from Victor and he absolutely exceeded our expectations! He was able to capture the excitement of the day, the nervous anticipation leading up to the ceremony, and everyone celebrating at the reception; all the moments that we will remember forever! To be honest, we were on the fence in regards to getting a Videographer for our wedding, but after viewing our video for the first time, we both agreed it was probably the best decision we made. Years down the road we will be able to watch our video and remember & re-live all those moments that made our wedding day so very special! Victor is professional, genuine, and extremely passionate about his work, and this is clearly seen in his video. He had us “re-shoot” some moments that he may of not captured perfectly, and at the time we didn’t understand the reasoning for this, but now looking back I am so thankful he was the perfectionist that he is!
I could go on and on as there are not enough words to describe our wonderful experience with Victor but to sum it up, we highly recommend Victor to anyone! He is outstanding & you won’t regret it!!

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