Monique S. Foley

Hickman Video was the perfect choice for my Connecticut wedding and should be for yours. There are so many decisions to make when planning a wedding, some of which I second guessed, but this was the best decision I made. I love my video-even more than my pictures. It is the item I look to when I want to look back on the day. The lighting and sound quality was the best compared to my other friends videos. There are chapters to my video which allows me to look at one part of my day over another. The coloring is also amazing. I don’t know how best to describe it other than to say it is not your typical black & white or even color-it’s a gorgeous combination of both. They also use a lot of great techniques like setting parts of the day to music and then incorporating our wedding vows right into the music. My family and friends were unbelievably impressed. I also love the fact that they will provide a video (it’s an 8 to 10 minute recap of your entire day) for a very small fee (the cheapest around) that you can send to all of your family, friends and those that could not attend. My husband’s aunt and cousins from Arizona could not make it and there is no way that they could have really pictured our day (the ceremony, reception, flowers, dresses, cake, etc) without it. The best part is that I hardly noticed the Hickman’s presence-they were not obtrusive at all. They are great people-family oriented and fun and they really want to make sure you get all that you are paying for. The cost was the best I found around. Some of my family members used them and I am so glad I did too. You must do a video-I lost my uncle about a month after my wedding and my video is the only capture I have of him that day. You won’t regret it. Believe me, I checked across three states-I am from NJ/NY and my husband is from CT- and they were by far the friendliest, most competitive in their price and easiest to work with around. Good luck!

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