I was a photographer at a recent wedding here and the venue is absolutely gorgeous and I know the bride and groom were in great hands as everything was organized and put in place. They were also there to help with every need. I would definitely book my wedding there and it has nothing to do with the venue itself.

What I did not appreciate was a waitress being very short with me when I was simply asking a question. I am there to do my job and if it requires me asking a question to understand what is going on then please answer politely. I try to do detail shots before the ceremony, and was wondering if the table was ready yet. I got a snappy “NO!” and an eye roll. Maybe she was having a bad day, which is understandable, but a simple “not yet, but it should be ready soon” with a smile on her face would have been sufficient.

Everyone was else was extremely nice and helpful, but I would suggest that management go over ways to politely respond to vendors and/or guests when they have a question.

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