Michelle and Jeff

Glenn won us over at our first meeting. His quiet professionalism spoke volumes about the man that would record the most important day of our lives. He was non-intrusive…half the time we didn’t even know he was there. He was always courteous with everyone in the wedding party, our friends and guests. During the day of the wedding, we were so nervous and stresed out that much of what went on was a blur. Hiring Glenn to record and edit our wedding DVD was the best decision we made. We brought the DVD over to our family’s house at Easter. From the second the music and photo montage started, everyone was crying. Glenn instinctively knew who the important people were and made sure they were in the video. Watching my husband with his arm around his 91 year old grandfather brought everyone to tears. Glenn gave us our wedding. Even though we may not remember all that happened, we now can watch it anytime we want and be brought right back there to our wedding day. We would both highly recommend Glenn to film your wedding. It will be the easiest decision you will make.

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