Meredith K

It will be six years this September that my husband and I married, It was during a hurricane and the wedding venue lost all power and they had no back up generator. No lights not air conditioning nothing!!! If it wasn’t for Mike and Steve and Music in motion it would have been a disaster. They DID have a back up generator and they saved my wedding. EVERYONE had a blast and still talk about how my wedding was the best they ever were at and how they saved the day. If what they did wasn’t enough they even went back to the office and retrieved ANOTHER Back up generator for the wedding next to mine for no charge to save her special day as well. Not only are they the most entertaining, professional DJ company ever they are compassionate and prepared. After my wedding two weeks later Mike called me to see how I was, mentioning the wedding blues so many brides have after their day is over, it meant so much to me that it brought tears to my eyes. They go above and beyond. There is no price for peace of mind. Thank you all for saving the day šŸ™‚

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