My review is long, so if you don’t read it all, at least you’ll see my note above that Denise and Persnickety is the way to go, but for more detail, read on.

Before I get into exactly how and why Denise (as well as the rest of the staff at Persnickety) is so wonderful, let me say that I am a perfectionist, and therefore, I sometimes have difficulty finding service that meets my expectations. That said, Denise has gone MORE THAN ABOVE AND BEYOND what I could have expected in multiple areas! In less than two months from meeting Denise and Persnickety, my fiancé, future mother-in-law, and I have already had Denise work on wedding invitations, party invitations, personalized products, AND I got my veil and a wonderful barrette from Persnickety, too. Here’s the whole story (so far):

I found Persnickety while at one of those bridal expos. Before that, I was having the hardest time finding someone to make beautiful invitations for mine and my finance’s wedding. Everyone told me that “nobody makes invitations in person anymore because everything is done online.” Well, I wasn’t happy about this because whenever I tried to make my invitations online, I either had to adjust the wording/format that I wanted to have a design I liked, or I had to have a design I hated in order to have the wording/format I liked. In other words, I could only pick one aspect I wanted; I couldn’t have both. Therefore, when I saw Persnickety’s table at the expo, I was SO RELIEVED! I had never seen so many huge binders filled with examples of people’s wedding invitations! Plus, they were all different (which meant that I’d be able to customize my invitation–no more templates!)! I immediately booked an appointment. Oh, and I was also drawn to all of the gorgeous combs, clips, and accessories that were at the table, so I figured I’d check those out during my appointment with Denise, too.

My first appointment was to discuss exactly what I wanted our wedding invitations to look like; right away I could tell that Denise knew her stuff! She had so many binders full of samples, and it did not take her long to help me nail down the kind of paper, colors, fonts, and style that we wanted. While Denise was quick to understand my wants, she took her time to listen and to get to know my fiancé and me (as well as my future mother-in-law and her cousin who also went with to the appointment). Our first appointment lasted about an hour and a half, and I can honestly say that we got more done in that time than I had in the month before the appointment as I tried to work on invitations on my own. We designed our invitations, response cards, separate rehearsal cards, another party invitation, and Denise even helped my future mother-in-law designed shower invitations at that time, too; she was also impressed with Denise’s expertise.

Not only did I get my invitations done with Persnickety, but I also purchased my veil and hair clip from the shop. I had no doubts that I’d find a hair accessory because there were so many beautiful options, but I had no idea that I’d find the veil that was perfect for me. I’d had a lot of trouble finding one at bridal chain stores and other chic boutiques, but right away Denise and one of her staff members pulled out several veils and helped me find the best one! They scrutinized photos of my dress and made several suggestions, and wouldn’t you know, they found something that I love. The one I wanted didn’t have a blusher, but Denise had one added to it, and it looks awesome! Oh, and the price was right, too, which was great since I, like many other brides, was not looking forward to spending hundreds of dollars on a piece of tule that I’d wear for a couple of hours.

It’s important to note that we’ve had about 4 appointments with Denise so far (plenty more to come, as we still need our programs and welcome bag notes made and printed), and between each one, Denise has been excellent when it comes to communicating. If I send her questions via email, she responds quickly. I also appreciate that if she isn’t sure about something, she says so, and she checks and then gets right back to me. When there was something my future mother-in-law needed edited with her shower invitations, Denise took the time to sit down with her and figure it all out.

Every time I interact with Denise and the staff at Persnickety, it is obvious that I’m being well taken care of. Going to appointments there is fun, and Denise makes you feel like an old family friend. She legitimately cares about her clients and her work that she does for them all. It helps that she’s a perfectionist; if you work with her, there’s NO WAY that you’d get lazy, low quality products. Denise takes the time and puts in the extra effort to make sure that everything is perfect, and if you aren’t exceptionally happy with it, she makes sure to fix it fast.

If you’ve read this much, you already know that I think Denise and the staff members at Persnickety are wonderful. I would HIGHLY recommend them to anyone who needs wedding attire and/or any kind of printed materials for a wedding or any other event. If I could give Denise and Persnickety 1,000 stars, I would. I’m already getting other products made from her (not related to the wedding at all), and I will go to her every time I have some kind of stationary need or if I am looking for a quality fancy accessory. I’m so glad I found Denise and Persnickety at that bridal expo; I only wish I would have found her sooner!

GO TO PERSNICKETY AND SEE DENISE! You won’t be disappointed!

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