Using PowerStation events for our wedding was one of the best decisions we could have made. They provided uplighting, a photobooth, and DJ Services.

While the uplighting was beautiful, and photo booth a blast, it was our DJ- Rich Gumpert, who exceeded our expectations and was nothing short of amazing.

Not only did we love the music Rich played, but we received so many compliments from our guests about the song choices and variety. The music planning was the hardest part for my husband and me, but Rich was so incredibly helpful and patient with us at our pre-wedding meeting and did a spectacular job at the wedding. When he saw us having trouble, he also suggested seeing how the crowd was reacting the day of the wedding and he could choose the music accordingly. We agreed, and at the reception Rich perfectly matched the energy of the songs with the energy of our guests.

During the reception, Rich communicated with us telling us when things were about to happen or ask when they should happen. This made things so easy! Personally, I really appreciated it as with having so much going on that day, having Rich periodically check in made the day flow so easy and be stress-free; and he always did so while smiling and never rushing or pressuring me for an answer. There were a few times I was indecisive and his “no problem… take your time and get back to me” attitude was such a welcomed relief.

I know my husband and I are slightly biased, but Rich is one of the best DJ professionals we have seen in a long time. Thank you Rich and PowerStation for making our day so special!

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