Mei-Ling and Thom

ou can stop looking here! She’s the best!
My husband and I had a tiny wedding on the beach for our immediate family. For the rest of our friends and relatives, we had a Halloween Masquerade Reception in October. We looked everywhere for a florist who understood our vision, and was mostly met with strange looks. Finally we met Candi and we were thrilled because we couldn’t have meet a more perfect florist. She not only loved our idea, but had a million ideas and supplies because she loved Halloween as well! She not only created the most imaginative, whimsical arrangements (pumpkins used as vases filled with beautiful fall folliage) she also decorated the whole entire mansion to look haunted, with skeletons, spiders, and even a spooky porch. Towards the time of the reception, I went nuts and bought a TON of Halloween stuff for her to decorate with. In hindsight, I dumped so much extra work on her, but never once did she complain (not that I’m encouraging doing that to her!). She always remained fun, flexible, and always easy to work with. When all my costumed guests arrived, they were BLOWN AWAY by her work and still talk about it ’til this day. If I had went with anybody else, I think the outcome would have been very different. I HIGHLY reccommend Candi because of her creativity, flexibility, friendliness, and price. Not too long after my wedding, she did the floral design for my friend’s beautiful country-barn themed wedding and plannned the whole thing in one month! After seeing how amazing it came out (and my friend was on a tight budget), I was convinced that Candi was the best, because she can not only do themed events, but also more traditional events. She’s the best!

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