Linda Jameson

I truly cannot say enough wonderful things about this store. I was hesitant to even enter because I knew it was a higher end shop and would most likely be out of my budget. This was my second bridal boutique that I had been in, the first turned me off so badly I thought for sure this was not going to be an enjoyable experience for me. Beth, the owner, who was warm and welcoming, first greeted me. Within minutes she introduced me to the Lindsay who is amazing. She is so full of life and energy that she is the perfect cure for all nervous brides. Right away you will feel at ease with her. I knew since I am much shorter trying on these gigantic dresses was going to be a challenge. They thought nothing of it, it was like it was second nature to them. After trying on all these beautiful, classic and timeless dresses, I found “the one”. I knew it the minute I tried it on. I can’t lie, it was higher then I budgeted so I did decide to shop around some more. I went three other stores afterwards and did not have the same experience nor did I find the same quality and elegance I found at The White Dress By The Shore. Because the designer of my dress was in Woodbridge, CT I was able to work with both Lindsay and Modern Trousseau for all my fittings. They encouraged me to have a muslin fitting (highly recommend doing this girls) so I was confident this dress would fit me like a glove. I knew along with quality, I was paying for the ultimate bridal experience. Both The White Dress By The Shore and Modern Trousseau deliver phenomenal service and are just a wonderful group of women to surround yourself with. I can’t thank them enough, I loved my dress.

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