Lily & Manny

We have nothing but great things to say about Glenn and his final product. He was wonderful to work with-very professional, attentive, and true to his word. As the bride, I know how important it is to have such an important piece of your wedding day turn out good and I must say that our video was even better than that, it was perfect.
From the clips of the church prior to our arrival, to the ceremony itself, the reception hall, and the day in review, we felt that our video was put together with such care and consideration given that it captures our personalities and who we are as a couple. Not a single detail was missed! What was amazing to us was that we didn’t even realize he was filming most of the time so it was great to see all the footage-it was all so natural and real.

Our day and review was so touching and wonderful, we couldn’t believe it. All of our family and friends love it and we love it too!! Its such a great momento that we will cherish forever.

We highly recommend Glenn Andrew Productions, LLC to caputure your special day. You won’t be disappointed!!!!

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