Kristen Dannahey

I went in with low expectations because of my experiences in other shops but was blown away by my experience here. The owner was helpful, accommodating, and friendly. Most importantly, she was honest. None of that insanely irritating “it looks beautiful!” when the dress clearly isn’t working for you. In minutes she found a handful of dresses that fit my taste, budget, and body. They do alterations in store and the tailor is very talented. First try, perfect fit and I mean *perfect.* I have an odd body type but this dress fits me like a glove and is flattering. I’m so thankful I found them! I also appreciated their efficiency. I was never rushed, but I didn’t have to wait around either. I don’t think I ever spent more than 30 minutes in the shop at one time which is great for a busy bride to be! I can’t think of a single negative to list, highly recommend!

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