Bridal Bells was the first bridal shop I tried when searching for my wedding gown…and boy am I glad! After visiting several other local shops where I did not matter to the salespeople and my business did not seem very important, I was extremely happy that I had already found the perfect dress at Bridal Bells. Other stores crammed me into small dressing rooms with no space for my family and friends to help me, the salespeople were rude and unavailable to consult with, and the overall feeling in those other shops was just plain bad. At bells bridal, the service was excellent, the dressign room was large and very accomodating, and the ambience was perfect. I knew that I had found “my dress” as soon as I put it on, and the store actually provided a priceless atmosphere for what I consider to be a priceless moment. The dresses are beautiful, the owner was a pleasure to deal with, the prices are reasonable, and the environment was wonderful. Thanks so much for making my shopping experience a good one!!!!

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