I decided I would buy a wedding gown off of Ebay. I bought what was supposed to be a Bonny (popular style) Bridal gown. The buy it now price was $200.00. I could order the size I wanted and the color I wanted and shipping would take 4-6 weeks. So…..I bought it thinking I would save a lot of money. I ordered the White w/Navy, siz 14. Here is what happened. The style of the dress was the same. It was handmade, and very poorly, I might add. It was made of very, very cheap bridal satin (you know the kind that is shiny and very wrinkly). It was two sizes too small. There were no tags on the inside. The beading had a lot to be desired and the navy looked more like black. And it took 10 weeks to get the gown from China. BUYER BEWARE! Those are only pictures you see on the net. Thank God I had time to order another dress here at Bridal Bells. Barbara was very sympathetic and helpful. Now I rest peacefully till my wedding in October. Thank you Bridal Bells

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