Kathy + Scott

We got our pictures yesterday and Kathy would not open it without me. I worked until midnight so at about 12:30am we cracked open the package and checked everything out. To be honest, we were quite blown away by what was in there. We did not expect the 8+10’s and the 4 DVD’s are awesome. That’s all nice and good but the quality of the pictures was what really impressed us. We simply can’t wait to sit down and make some albums with the quantity and quality of picures that you provided us.

I don’t want to sound like I am kissing your butt too much however I have to add one thing. It does not feel to us that you were a photographer at our wedding. It feels more like you were a part of our wedding and I don’t think that we could have gotten better pictures if we had paid $10,000.

Thanks a million for adding to our wonderful day.

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