Let’s see, how do we begin to praise you without inflating your ego so much that you float off before being able to finish reading this. The most direct way is give you a big THANK YOU and a virtual hug for making the day amazing for us. As you found out, we were not the typical wedding couple micromanaging every aspect of the event from day one through the wedding itself. We are pretty sure you wished we were more hands on at times but our laid back attitude was the direct result of the confidence we had in your abilities and talents from the first moment we met you.
From Day One we knew we could put our total trust in you and your recommendations. So much so that we hired vendors with whom you had worked in the past knowing that such a symbiotic relationship would guarantee the wedding would be flawless. Your recommendations for dj, desserts, liquor and equipment rentals were spot on. Naturally the venue of Tarrywile Mansion was great on a fall Sunday afternoon and your crew transformed the space into a wonderfully complementary setting befitting of the fall foliage on display outside.
The food was delicious and your suggestions were perfect for our guests. Your staff was cordial and very well “choreographed” to handle every aspect of the day seamlessly, to the point where it almost seemed that they either blended in or were guests because they somehow were everywhere at all times attending to all needs. They were a very professional, attentive and talented crew who knew their assignments and executed them with a refined precision.
And a special shout out goes to Sherri, the “den mother” of the day. Take a positive “can do” attitude and wrap it in a never ending smile and you have Sherri. Her attention to detail, even the most minute, was incredible and she had an ability to just sense when something might be needed. For example, I do not drink but do enjoy a nice cold Diet Pepsi (friends don’t let friends drink Coke……..) and after the ceremony and being moved around for photos and hellos we went upstairs for a moment and Sherri just walked in the Bride’s Room, handed me a glass of Diet Pepsi, all while complimenting the girls on how they looked. Somehow she just knew at that moment a simple glass of soda was what I was going to look for but she already had it for me. Yes, it was just a little thing but it was part of what made Sherri special and exemplified how she was able to manage the event with impeccable skill and grace.
We both have been married before and we plan on this being our last marriage and it is almost a shame that we cannot get married again because you and your crew made the wedding so incredibly wonderful. From that first meeting in Tarrywile to the last dance after the wedding, the communication, preparation, attention to detail and consummate professionalism that Carriage House demonstrated throughout made it feel like our wedding was being catered by family.
Thank you Chris, thank you Sherri and thank you to all of your crew for making our wedding day nothing less than simply perfect.

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