Tremendous Creativity, and Dedication with very fair pricing.
Candice is a wonderful artist who has a keen eye for detail. She was the only florist who sat with me for more then 30 minutes. For our first meeting she helped me identify flowers that I liked that were in season for my wedding. Over the course of two hours, she utilized different resources to help me create the perfect decor for my wedding. Not only was she knowledgable, but she really cared about my ideas, and how I wanted my wedding to look. Candice was very precise when she wrote out all of the details. I had a vision in my head as to how my wedding day would look, and when it came time, the flowers looked just like I hoped they would. Her prices are very competitive. In fact, I met with one florist who wanted to charge double the price she had quoted me. There are so many florists out there, but Candice really took the time to listen to my plans, and design the decor. Her work is creative, stunning, and beautiful. The guests at my wedding complimented me many times on the flowers because they were so beautiful.

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