I was so blown away by this band, I can’t even explain! After my husband and my first dance, our guests were invited to join us, and within minutes (literally!) the dance floor was full with people sweating and dancing away!! Within the first hour, they had our two guests who NEVER dance out on the dance floor. It was really unbelievable. I was having so much fun, I couldn’t pull myself away from the dance floor to even check my make-up. They were also SO accomodating.

I planned my wedding from afar and didn’t have time to any vendor hand-holding, and they did not need it at all. They played to the crowd, and it worked. They also even let a friend of mine, who’s a singer from Alabama, take over on Sweet Home Alabama, which made his night and got our guests revved up! They also created a duet version of “She’s Got a Way” for our first dance that was beautiful… They clearly worked very hard at it… AND they incorporated a song that we had in our ceremony towards the end, just to really tug at people’s emotional meters even though neither my husband nor I had the time to ask.

Needless to say, whenever the wedding is discussed, our guests rave about this band. You can’t go wrong here.

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