I recently had my wedding at the Fox Hill Inn on June 11, 2006 and I couldn’t be happier!! Not only is it a beautiful place for a ceremony/reception, but the staff and the food were amazing. EACH staff member treated us with the utmost care and personal attention. The food was absolutely delicious from the filet, to the salad, to the cake. I have been told many times since the wedding that it was the best wedding my guests had ever been too, this is in large part due to the fox hill inn and it’s staff. Although the price may scare you at first, think about how much is included (open bar, wine on the tables, filet mignon, cocktail hour with TONS of food, personal coordination of the ceremony and much more!) While a lot of places will charge you extra for every little thing, the fox hill does one package that any bride would be happy with. You can even get a discount if you do it on a Friday/Sunday instead of a Saturday…it’s worth it! Although I didn’t know it at the time, the florist had made a mistake and not included 2 white roses that were needed as a part of our ceremony(We were to exchange them as gifts), the staff ran out and got 2 beautiful white roses for us, all while I was getting ready unaware of any problems!!! This is NO wedding factory. I cannot recommend The Fox Hill Inn enough.

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