Very Happy With All Services
ABerson Wed Date: 08/17/2008

How did wedding planner make your day special? She took care of all the little details! We had a complicated wedding–there was nothing at our wedding venue except for a field and lovely view. We had to rent a tent, bathrooms, linens, flatware etc. Andrea spent three days working with the tent company, handling delivery, making sure we had everything we needed.

Useful suggestions, tips, wisdom your planner offered? She helped us with the timing of our wedding and when through the timeline with us making sure we thought of every last detail.

How the planner reduced your inner-Bridezilla? On the day of the wedding, I didn’t have to worry about anything. She worked with all of the vendors and made sure to answer all of their questions and concerns so that I didn’t have to. It was a stress-free day and I was able to enjoy every minute of the wedding.

Value of a wedding planner? She is very capable and easy to work with. All of interactions with her made us feel confident that everything would go without a hitch–and it did. She was dedicated to making the day perfect for us

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