Excellent food, excellent coordinator (Dana). Gorgeous venue. They do have a strict alcohol policy — make sure all of your guests have IDs with them, they will cut people off if they think the guests have had enough to drink, which was annoying because I had to deal with that during the reception because some friends were pointed out as “maybe had enough to drink”, and when I talked to them, they seemed fine. As the bride, a little annoying. The food and place are absolutely top notch, 100%, you get what you pay for. But be advised, the alcohol policy is tight — people’s can’t “leave the building and get a shot and come back” if they suspect they are doing that, as they let us know.

I have no complaints, but that was a weird hassle and not what I would have expected. I guess they’ve had bad experiences in the past, but be ready to be given “the talk” about booze during your final meeting. We paid about $165 a head and were a little disappointed I had to deal with this issue.

Other than that, this is the most beautiful, professional, gorgeous venue and I would NEVER change a thing.

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