Yesterday my dear friend was married at the Waterview. I was somewhat nervous because I had recommended the Waterview to her, since I was married there in 2005 and didn’t know if they still put on the perfect wedding. WELL, let me tell you! Perfect was not the word to use..how about FLAWLESS!! All Kerrie said to me all night was thank you for recommending the Waterview. Yes, she was a little worried when her coordinator was changed but she had nothing but raves for Mandy and Keith who completed the job. The food was terriffic,everything was hot and yummy. What a beautiful salad.It looked just like those you see pictured in a fancy magazine. Our dinners were also fabulous. My husband said it was the best and biggest ribeye he has ever eaten. The gals at the bar were awesome, and room looked simple but elegant. Everything they wanted. Sure Len’s uncle wanted only CC in his drink but when that was not on the bar, several top shelf scotches were offered to him as a replacement. But let me tell you about the Waterviews hidden treasure….Hildie…I met her back in 2005 as my bridal attendant. Well all night long whether it was Kerrie, her Mom, or one of the girls in the bridal party ,everyone talked about Hildie. She now has something to do with wedding rehearsals and ceremonies held at the Waterview. Kerries not only raved that everything from the rehearsal to the ceremony was perfect,but every time she turned around Hildie was there to take care of something. She greeted guests as they came for the ceremony,pointing out there was champange and goodies to eat, and when Kerrie’s Grandparents wanted something without alcohol she personaly went and got them something else to drink, sewed one of the girl’s dresses, made sure the guys were dressed and ready on time,and help buslte the entire wedding party using a pair of needle nose pliers so that their bustles would stay up all night long. Even when the florist sent a cousage and not a wristlet for Len’s Mom, she tried to turn it into a wristlet looking for ribbons to match her gown and sewing them to the flower to form a wristlet. Who does that!!! Her services didn’t even cost them extra, she comes with the place. What a bonus! So let me conclude with this. The Waterview has changed in the last two years..it’s gotten even better. So if your planning a wedding go see Kellie and book it .I can’t wait to go back for my next wedding.. as a guest of course.

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