I was amazed the second that we stepped into the Society Room for our wedding reception. I thought every detail was taken care of (sandals, napkins, matches and the pictures) perfectly. The gentleman that was in charge of making sure my wife and I was taken care of all night did a fantastic job. I don’t think I ever was without anything I wanted. His attention to detail and caring for us all night was awesome. He made sure everything was perfect from the bridal suite, to the dinner, throughout the night. I am so bad with names, the lady that was in charge of the floor was great to. She made sure everything was right on time and it all flowed throughout the night. I could go on and on about how perfect everything was all night. I am speechless about the professionalism of the Society Room.

Here is a good recap of the top 4 things we heard from every guest that we had at the wedding:

1) It is the most beautiful reception hall that they have ever been to for a wedding. 2) They were the best appetizers that they have ever had at an event before. 3) The dinner was the best dinner that they have ever had at a wedding before. 4) It was the best wedding reception that they have ever been to.

I know that I sound a little repetitive with my comments above, but till today, I am still hearing about how great and beautiful the Society Room was and how my wife’s girlfriends that are getting married will never be able to top this. Those 4 comments above mean a lot to my wife and I and the Society Room was really a stand above any reception that I have ever attended and I was in 12 weddings the last 2 years.

Once again thanks to you Dana that made this all happen for my wife and I and being there at our every need and explaining things along the way to both of us. You were great and you really made us feel comfortable the entire time. I think it all starts with a great planner and you did a great job. I wish you were there, I know you would have had a great time as well. Thank you again and the staff at the Society Room again for everything and making our fairytale wedding come true.

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