Geoff Boka

So I just wanted to throw my two cents at whoever might be here shopping for a wedding photographer. Matthew Wagner is priceless! What a superstar he is! We just got our pictures the other day and we are blown away! They tell the story of the day so emotionally and elegantly. We’re going to have to build a new wall in our house for all these amazing frame ready images. Its amazing when I look at all the pictures and looking back at what Matthew saw through his lens its like I was there but I wasn’t. He captured just so much and so emotionally! What an amazingly talented guy. Looking at the pictures, he was everywhere and yet we never felt our day intruded upon at all. Great people skills too! He has an amazing eye and you can tell that he has a genuine passion not just for beautiful photography but for weddings themselves and it so shows in his work. I just wanted to let it be known to whomever might be shopping here for a great photographer for their wedding. All I can say is definitely give Matthew a call, it will be the best decision you’ll make for your wedding! It certainly was for us!

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