Camille from Event Connoisseur helped plan my April 24 wedding, and it’s taken me this long to figure out how to sum up what an awesomely outstanding job they did. From the moment she came on board, she was on top of everything. I’m pretty type-A, but there wasn’t a single second that Camille wasn’t a step or two ahead of me. We had some snags with various items during the planning (due to the economy and venues) but she somehow knew about them before I did, and already had several great solutions to keep things rolling. Planning with Camille was such a great experience. She was always perfectly professional, but yet so appropriately warm and friendly that most of the time I felt like I was the only bride she was helping. She had so many vendor connections that with anything I thought up, she knew exactly where to go to get a fair price and great quality. Being that I live in New York and my wedding was in Connecticut, that was invaluable. Camille also helped plan a special wedding after-party at Foxwoods for which was such a treat. Everything came out so perfectly – it was completely seamless, and a celebration I’ll never forget. Overall, Camille was so flexible and easy-going throughout the entire process. Our contract got updated several times due to my realization that I needed her involved a lot more than I originally thought, and it was never an issue. In retrospect, I can’t (and don’t want to) imagine what things would have been like without her. The value Camille added to the entire process was worth far more than we paid to have her help with the most important day of our lives, to date. I can’t thank her enough for giving us such an amazing day. ”

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