Emily and Marc

We’ve received rave reviews from so many guests our heads are spinning. Our daughter’s wedding reception was held last weekend and it was beautiful. Every detail was perfect from start to finish. The lovely facility of course just sparkles and shines. I am a nurse and happen to be a little over the top when it comes to cleanliness. Every sales person was a pleasure to deal with, warm, friendly and professional. You were made to feel immediately as if your event was a priority. We first met Geraldine, who was sincerely charming. Then secured the date with Kelli who made it so easy for us to express our ideas and concerns and had a great sense of humor. We worked with Linda as our coordinator. She was so helpful, esp. with keeping within our budget, we just felt as if she couldn’t do enough for us…and that was nice. The cocktail hour was superb, and all dinner courses not only delicious but served pleasing to the eye. Service was impeccable, and the pleasant wait staff plentiful, the bridal party were so impressed with the bridal attendants. No guest wanted for anything. We made our final visit to The Waterview, three days before the wedding. My husband and I left there feeling so confident that this was going to come off perfectly and it did.

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