Elated Bride

Everyone wants their wedding to be the most unique, breathtaking event ever. When I met Jinnellys, I knew her creative and passionate approach to her photography (and life) would be key in creating that. The day of my wedding, Laviera photography was sensitive to the little details that set your wedding day apart from the rest of your life. They captured our candor through genius photography and fabulous video footage. When viewing my photos, I questioned how Jinnellys and her assistant could take such great shots without being noticed. They blended into the event seamlessly! The most moving experience through it all was watching the video slide show Laviera created. You saw my nerves, my confidence, and my extreme joy, along with my husbands. It brought every emotion rushing back to reality to assure me that my wedding day, thought it felt like it, was not a dream. If you want your memories of that special day to match up with the photos you receive after it’s done, stop looking and book Laviera Photography NOW! My name is Genese and I am more than glad to speak to any Bride considering the LaViera experience on her wedding day.

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