Desiree Fontaine

Avoid at all costs. I don’t even know where to begin with this mess of a company.
1. Darryl made us drive 2+ hours for engagement photos which we didn’t even need because we already had them done from another photographer. He stressed it would be a good experience to get to know him as our photographer which we agreed to.
2. Darryl calls and nonchalantly mentions that “Eric” will be our photographer. ERIC WHO?! He says he’s their lead photographer but funny enough there are NO reviews on Eric on any website- so that was a lie. I asked for his portfolio because we were told DARYL would be the photographer not Eric. Eric’s portfolio was HIDEOUS. I was so angry and I think Daryl knew it too so he said ” no problem. But would you rather have me since you already know me and half the work on my website is mine?” So obviously we would rather have the photographer that we originally and initially agreed upon.
3. Daryl loses my number and unprofessionally says who is this? Funny how this didn’t happen when we were in the middle of deciding who to lock in for our photographer. (I saved all texts to verify his lack of professionalism).
4. Daryl stressed that he only needs one person (himself) to take the best photos at our wedding. I thought this was odd because every website I read it stated that your photographer should always bring an assistant to get the very best shots and all necessary angles. Turns out he brings an assistant to my wedding. She doesn’t even know how to turn on a camera AND I have 3 pictures of just her in my wedding album. Why? No clue ask Daryl.
5. Daryl is EXTREMELY unprofessional towards women. One of my bridesmaids had a leg tattoo and I said to her wow that’s so cute how your tattoo matches your dress and Daryl proceeds to cut into our conversation and tells her to raise her dress higher and higher so he can get a pic.. we have a pic of it but not the close up one he took. Very sketchy. Many of our female guests said he made them very uncomfortable. I was not thrilled with these comments,
6. Darryl sent us our photos via disc and wow were they terrible. Darryl kept the flash on OUTSIDE with NATURAL lighting. He stressed how he loved the natural candid look but why the flash?! It made all of us so washed out and so over exposed. I had to personally lower the exposure because we all looked like ghosts!! My dress was blush and with his constant unnecessary flash it looked bleach white.
7. Our photos were so CROOKED! I had to personally straighten dozens and dozens of photos. This should’ve been done when he has “35+ years of experience”
8. He asked for supplemental photos and I told him I wanted pics with my family and– he stopped me there. He says I’ve been doing this for 35 years I know the standard pics I’m asking if you want anything special like pics with college friends or high school friends. So I stupidly assumed he would get pics of my family and my husbands family together- standard shot. But nope! No direction no standard pics. Just pics I told him to do on the spot- which obviously I have a lot on my mind as the bride and didn’t have time or remember what shots I needed. That was the photographers job. This is the most heartbreaking part because I cannot go back in time and get family pictures that I could cherish for a lifetime.
9. Many pictures have the men’s ties all crooked, shirts untucked. This is something the photographer should have mentioned before snapping away.

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