Everything I needed and more
Wow! Estoccasions is INCREDIBLE!!!! I can’t say enough about just how happy we were with the final outcome of my gorgeous wedding! My mother and I went into the wedding planning without a clue as to where to begin, We were in way over our heads! We met Kia at a wedding show in new london, and fell in love. The first question she asked was “How do you envision your wedding?”. My mother and I didn’t even have an answer to that. She talked to me about what I loved and liked, showing me what was possible. From the word GO, Kia was “spot on” with answering any questions we had and getting us on track for planning everything from the ground up at that first meeting (while keeping budget in mind). She brought up things we didn’t even know would have been issues if we tried this ourselves — The greatest part about working with estoccasions was their sense of humor! This is what made things click for my mom and I, and we SO loved being able to joke around with her while everything kept moving along with ease and style. Honestly, if there was something that went wrong, we didn’t know about it and everything was taken care of behind the curtians. My family and friends were able to enjoy themselves without having to work my wedding because Kia had it all figured out.

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