Weddings big or small creat a lot of pressure and stress. When you find expert dress makers to ease the overwhelming tasks of perfecting all the dresses, including the bride, Mom of the Bride, too many bridesmaids of diffferent shapes and sizes and juggling with an active 3 & 1 year old to fit their elegant dresses, it’s like hitting the jackpot! These wonderful professional women bring a significant meaning to patience, kindness with old world charm and wisdom. They have a tiny store with a huge selection of bridal gowns, brides maids gowns, prom gowns and gorgeous dresses for all occassions. My granddaughter is convinced that this is were Cinderella (and all the other Princesses) have all their beautiful clithes made! I highly recommend investigationg this shop for all your bridal and special occassion needs. Debi

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