I tried on wedding dresses at Ida’s, and I wasn’t impressed. She had a large selection; however all the dresses were hidden away so she picked them for me, without even asking what kind of dress I liked. After trying on a few dresses, I could tell Ida was getting annoyed that I didn’t like them. When I tried on one that she had designed herself that looked good on me (not THE one though), she became pushy in trying to sell it to me. I felt that the price of the dress (no price tags on any dresses by the way…read previous posts to see how prices are ‘calculated’) was way too much for the design and quality. The store was not very welcoming or accommodating. They have a decent selection of bridesmaid dresses, but they are very pricy (a bridesmaid dress I like was going for $35 more than three other shops I saw it at). I just wasn’t impressed with Ida or her store, and find it sketchy that nothing is priced.

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