Connie Jagodzinski

My daughter, Virginia, was married at Fox Hill Inn in September 2011. Though the location forced us to wind through a condominium development and gave me pause, it was the most smashing, fabulous wedding EVER. The food was marvelous, the set up was elegant, the service impeccable. Linda orchestrated everything so smoothly, the evening flowed seamlessly. Guests were delighted; Virginia and Bob were delighted; and my husband and I, along with Bob’s parents, were beyond happy with our childrens’ gorgeous wedding and reception. The staff at Fox Hill Inn went above and beyond to meet our needs and wants and exceeded every expectation. I cannot say enough wonderful things about Fox Hill Inn. For three days after, people we didn’t personally know called our home and thanked us for inviting them to the best wedding ever. Everyone agrees it WAS the very best wedding they’d ever attended. That makes me very proud.

Thank you, Fox Hill Inn, for giving Virginia and Bob and the rest of us such happy memories.

Warm regards, Connie Jagodzinski

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