Day of BLISS!
Kia of Estoccasions is a fabulous wedding planner! I hired her for the day of service. My wedding was entirely done by my friends and I, and I took care of all contracting, little craft projects, and arranging everything before the event. However, Kia was on top if it all, and easily took the reins of the wedding so that I could enjoy it, rather than me running around placing centerpieces or calling the baker to see where the cake was. I was able to just focus on the day, my friends, and my husband. She helped decorate the venue to my needs and wishes, ran the ceremony and reception, took care of final payments, and I’m sure did a million other things that I (thankfully) am not aware of because I was enjoying my day! If you are a bride that has dreamed of doing all this yourself, Kia is the perfect finishing touch to your wedding – you take care of all the details, and let her make sure they’re all put together so you can enjoy all the work you’ve put into it. I always recommend her to all of my friends that are getting engaged needing help coordinating the whole thing!

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