Caitlyn F

I initially contacted the Persnickety Bride because I was looking for a specific dress, even though they didn’t have it in stock, Denise (the owner) went above and beyond to get a sample of the dress for me to try on. She was the ONLY bridal salon (within a 3 hour radius of Boston!!!!!!) that offered to try and track the dress down. Because of this I decided that if this wasn’t my dream dress I would still make sure to purchase my dress from her because she deserves my business. “My dress” wasn’t the dress for me but Denise was more than helpful in trying to find one that worked. Her cheerful attitude and humor totally won my family and I over and we purchased a different gown (my dream gown) that day. So all in all, the Persnickety Bride hasn’t been in the dress business for long but with how they run things I can only imagine their great successes in the long run! Thanks so much Persnickety Bride and I can’t wait to see you guys again when my dress comes in!

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