Ashley Babiarz

Carisa has the organizational skills, calming presence, and sweet demeanor we were looking for. She is highly knowledgeable and knows what it takes to plan a dream wedding. My husband and I originally thought we could plan and organize the whole wedding, including the day of. We made it up to 3 months before the wedding would take place when we realized we were in over our heads and needed help. After hiring Carisa I felt the stress of the wedding day melt away.
We had a few meetings with her and her assistant before the wedding day, where she organized and finalized just about everything.
The day of the wedding she really did an outstanding job. Among may other things she very nicely and non-obtrusively kept us to our schedule and made sure we got to do all of the things we wanted to. We were able to fully enjoy our own wedding, which I’m not sure if every bride and groom gets to say! The whole wedding flew by, and even despite some rain she kept it all calm, in control, and flowing. I now can laugh at the thought that I had originally planned to do everything myself. My husband and I are so incredibly grateful for Carisa and her team and all the hard work they did for us for our big day.

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