I found the Society Room of Hartford online, months before I was even engaged, and I fell in love. Once wedding planning began, I checked out other places but it was in vain: the Society Room was the perfect place, it seemed. And I turned out to have been right. From the first meeting to the final goodbye, the staff was friendly, accommodating, and professional. By the end I was sad to not have an excuse to email or call them up with questions; they seemed almost like friends. The food was delicious, the bars lacked for nothing, and the ambience is amazing. The compliments are still coming in about what a unique and wonderful location we chose for our reception. The proximity to hotels in Hartford is nothing to laugh at, either. Truly, I will remember my wedding day for the rest of my life as a perfect day, in large part due to the hard-working staff at the Society Room. Thank you guys!

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