My husband and I used Misty for our wedding this past December, and we had the honor of being the last wedding she shot before going out on maternity leave.

Let’s start from the beginning. Misty was one of three photographers to which we had narrowed down our initial search. Her pricing was in-line with others we were talking to and her style of work was also very similar. What sealed the deal in the end for us was that she was already very familiar with our venue and shooting locations (the New Haven Lawn Club and Yale’s campus) and on their list of recommended vendors.

Looking back at our decision and knowing what we know now, Misty was without a doubt the right choice for us; her professionalism, personality and quality of work 100% met our expectations. We have no regrets or complaints after working with her and would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone in the future.

Now, to get into some specifics… Part of our package included an e-session, but we had to cancel the original date because of rain. Misty was very flexible and somehow managed to fit us in her busy summer work schedule. This was our first indication that Misty was going to be great to work with.

The e-session went very well. Misty was very familiar with three of the locations we wanted to shoot in (Grand Central, Times Square and Central Park) and spotted some great shots in a location new to her but important to us (Riverside Park). The e-session was good practice for my husband who has difficulty smiling on command and allowed Misty to learn our personalities and see how we interact.

My husband and I met with Misty again in the fall to list picture “musts”, give the who’s who of family and friends, and map out our wedding day. It was not until that meeting that I realized how much a photographer’s help is needed on the scheduling front to map out the timeline of a wedding day. I wanted to thank Misty for her help on this often over-looked contribution because, in the end, our wedding day ran like clockwork!

About a month after that meeting, Misty got in touch with us for another meeting because she wanted to personally tell us that she was expecting and that she would be seven months pregnant at our wedding. Here’s how you know when you have a superb photographer: 1) she tells you this IN PERSON instead of via email or phone and 2) she is proactive about the situation and the possibility of wedding day hurdles and finds a solution ahead of time. Yes, she did just that; she realized that her bending, lifting, shooting time, etc, might be limited, so she had one of her friends (who was a primary photographer herself) join on our wedding day at no extra cost. This is a fantastic illustration of Misty’s professionalism and work ethic.

On our wedding day, Misty arrived on schedule and was incredibly chipper and energetic despite the cold December weather and the fact that she was two months away from giving birth. I even remember her taking photos in the church laying on the ground! Misty’s pregnancy did not stop her from acting as she normally would, and we truly appreciated her hard work in striving for the best. One could say that the passion of a talented photographer is present regardless of the circumstances, and in Misty’s case, this was certainly true.

We saw the previews of our wedding day images on her blog a little less than two months after our wedding day, and wow, we could not stop looking at the computer screen! We were so exceptionally pleased! We then received our proof book, and Misty was true to her word in terms of hitting picture “musts” and the quality of her images was stellar as well. I’ve had a few girlfriends who regretted their photographer choice after the fact (e.g. photographer missed key photo ops, didn’t take the photos they said they would, etc), but nothing like this happened at all.

I could give countless more examples and details in this review (which is already too long!), but in a sea of photographer choices, one can be rest assured that Misty is a choice on which you can sleep soundly.

Misty has such a warm personality and my husband and I immediately hit it off with her. Meshing with your photograher’s personality is key to a great relationship, and we were so thankful that we worked well together. Her photography continues to garner countless praises from our family and friends, and we cannot thank her enough for being a part of our wedding day.

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