How To Have An Affordable CT Wedding

Having a beautiful new england wedding does not have to break your bank. With so many affordable options and DIY alternatives, you no longer have to trade experience or elegance for price. After all, the truth is that your guests will be focusing on YOU, the couple, not the linens or the cake.

Consider saving money on one of your biggest expenses: your choice of wedding venue in CT. Connecticut has many naturally beautiful wedding venues available to you. Taking advantage of the parks and public spaces plays homage to the wonderful state where you are choosing to get married while saving you a pretty penny. Think about places such as:

Tarrywile Park & Mansion

A wedding cake no longer has to be hundreds of dollars! You may want to have a simple brides a grooms cake, with alternatives such as cupcakes or cake pops for your guests. You can even make your own cute packages for guest to take them home! Another idea is to commission a CT wedding cake maker to make a simple cake, but to add your own finishing touches. A wedding cake is priced based on the time and labor put into making it. If you choose to get a wedding cake made, add your own touches! You can consider using real ribbon and flowers, and even making your own cake topper such as your initial! Crafting stores such as Michael’s provide a cheap option as they have so much in stock, you can go for inspiration.

Take home Cake Pops

Wedding flowers can easily take over a large portion of your budget. If you have the time, you can always make your own centerpieces. It is a large time commitment, but thousands of dollars can be saved using wholesale websites and DIY. If you have a good eye and a creative side, or know someone who does, take your favorite ideas and photographs for inspiration! If you want to hire a professional CT wedding florist, try centerpieces using one type of flower. It can be a chic and modern look! Another idea for getting your flowers done on the cheap is trying local and in season flowers. This way the flowers do not have to be sought and flown in  by the florist. You can even incorporate other non floral elements! Like the cake, the simpler, the cheaper.

Single type of Flowers

Photographs are essential, but also expensive. Try taking your own “getting ready” and late reception photos. Wedding photographers are hired by time they devote to your day. Consider cutting the cake earlier, and allow your guests to “tweet” or instagram a special hashtag of all the photographs they take so you can collect them all.

Some other helpful tips:

  • Daytime wedding receptions serving brunch or lunch are less expensive than dinner or evening receptions
  • You can choose to have a signature cocktail instead of an open bar
  • You can do a buffet or a combination dinner to please every palate
  • The further you plan ahead the better! Prices rise each year, and the more advance you give your vendors the more they can shop around as well!

Signature Cocktail and Recipe Napkins

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