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Unique Reflections Photography Connecticut


Thank you for taking interest in Unique Reflections Photography. We are a husband and wife team which has worked together  for over 9 years to capture the unforgettable milestones in our clients’ lives.

Our non-intrusive photo-journalistic approach allows the events of the day to unfold naturally. Relish in the moment of being the center of attention while we capture all the small details for you to enjoy for years to come.

We take pride in our work. We’ll work with you to create visually stimulating and memory provoking images that will refresh your memory of the day you professed your love to your significant other. There is a real sense of accomplishment that we receive when we bring to life images that our clients had envisioned. Give us a call for a no-obligation consultation where we can review several packages that we offer, or we’ll create a package based solely on your needs!

Allow us the honor of being apart of your special day.

We have eleven packages ranging from $700 – $2700 and we’d love to work with you to create a tailored package just right for your needs!

Crystal & Vince www.UR-Photography.com info@ur-photography.com 203-578-0377


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Bristol, CT 06010
(203) 578-0377
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They were the best wedding photographers! The packages they offered were extremely affordable! Honestly you get your money's worth and some! They went above and beyond! The pictures they took were amazing; we will have all the pictures to show for our special day for a lifetime :)
Christine Lang
Vince and Krystal were very prompt, reliable, affordable, and worked with us every step of the way from start to finish. They took a lot of photos that we got to keep and the albums were very elegant and professional. They also worked with us when we saw we went over budget which most will not due once a contract is signed. They were a great find on this website and I would recommend them to anyone who would like a creative, fun, affordable, and hip wedding photographers.
The Capozzi's
My husband and I would recommend Unique Reflections to ANYONE that is getting married in Connecticut! They were professional, personable, attentive, and extremely friendly. They not only took amazing pictures, they were helpful in making sure our wedding day ran smoothly. They were there every step of the day and didn't miss anything. We were very impressed at how unobtrusive they were while shooting. They made us feel very comfortable and were great with kids! The pictures were creative and absolutely perfect. We really felt like we got more than our money’s worth! R&T
The reason I'm not giving Unique Reflections, who I used for my wedding photos, is because there were just a few things here and there that were off. I would give 4.75 stars if I could because these are minor things. 1. It took longer than I would have ideally liked to get the photos after the wedding (wedding was on March 5th - we were able to see the photos online March 28th and received the final pictures April 9th). The only reason this was problematic to me was that I wanted to get the thank you's out as soon as possible (we'd ordered thank you's made from one of our pictures) and everyone kept driving me crazy asking about the pictures. 2. A few of the shots could have been framed better (sometimes the ceiling line was slanted and a few times the people to the far end of a group have a skewed fish-eye look to them). This was very minor and on only a few (of hundreds upon hundreds of pictures. With all that said, I would hire Vince and Crystal again in a heartbeat. What I was looking for (aside from a budget-friendly photographer) was someone who took photos that didn't look stiff and staged. I wanted life in my pictures - not something that was necessarily technically perfect. The pictures we received were all of this. This couple manages to capture a color that radiates out from the images and is so vibrant. They also take the time to enhance the images - aesthetically and artistically. That's not something you can get from most photographers. The things they can do with after-the-fact editing make for stunning collages and artistic shots. On another important note, during the wedding I didn't notice Vince and Crystal until the very end (unless we were doing formals, of course). It's not that I wanted them to be non-entities, but I didn't want the artificial-ness of cameras and people standing in the way of what would have been a beautiful shot if not for the camera. This is one of the reason we didn't hire a videographer. Vince and Crystal did a splendid job blending into the crowd while still getting amazing photos that look as though they were right next to us. Plus - we loved their personality. We'd met with a photographer previous to hiring Unique Reflections and found him to be stiff, arrogant, and generally the sort of person who believes his way is the only way to do pictures. Yes, his pictures were lovely, but we needed pictures that were ours too. Vince and Crystal knew what they were doing in posing people and getting the most stubborn to smile or giggle, but they would also take the shots we wanted to as well. My mother in particular was grateful that she could get just what she wanted (the rare full-family photo). We also got comments from other guests gushing about how nice and friendly our photographers were. One my guests actually followed them around for a time so she knew she'd get some good shots. I didn't know about this until after, but she did get some nice memories. I almost forgot to mention price in my ramblings - These guys have excellent budget packages and will really work to find a package that fits you rather than trying to force you into a several thousand dollar commitment. Overall, if you're thinking of hiring Unique Reflections, could I recommend them to you? Surely, I would, but it's up to you to judge if the style and personality you're looking for is a match.
We were so impressed with Unique Reflections Photography! They were so thorough, capturing every moment, every pose, and every special person! From the minute we met to the minute we picked up our albums (which came out great!) we enjoyed their company. They made us feel comfortable and were so fun to work with. We had so many comments from friends and families who also thought they did a spectacular job. Thanks again for making our memories so beautiful!!
The Owens
Unique Reflections took photos of our entire wedding weekend- from engagement shots to the kicking off of our shoes at the end of the reception. They gave us what we wanted and more, the photo's came out great! The wedding albums were exceptional; Harry Micheal and I appreciate your hard work
Ron & Liz
Simply put, we choose the right wedding photographer for our wedding day! Thank you guys.
Our wedding pictures came out great. Unique Reflections was very easy to work with and always on time. Thank you Vince & Crystal.
First I was amazed at the prices! I thought the quality might not be that great. But it blew me away! The customer service was amazing and the pictures are SO awesome! I was very pleased with how it all turned out. I can't wait to get my DVD! Very exciting!
The Browns
Unique Reflections photographed our Connecticut wedding. They were more than we expected. Professional, polite, and timely. When all was said and done we felt as if we got more than our moneys worth. M. Brown
Niki & Fred
It was a pleasure to have Vince and Crystal taking photos at our wedding. They did there job very well. I would highly recommend them. They are extremely nice. They really do make it all about you and your special day. They do go all out for there customers.
I give unique reflections an A+ very professional, never interfered with any events always around but floating like a cloud in the back ground. our first experience was a family photo with 3 kids, they had the children completely under control and took all different angles of pictures. our second experience was our wedding we are very pleased at how smoothly things went and how BEAUTIFUL all of our pics came out. and their prices are great packages for all budgets. we will most definitely use them again for our photo needs and we will proudly spread the word about their work. Keri and Jason
Unique Reflections Photography has 5 out of 5 stars based on 12 user reviews.