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Meet Crystal! Nature Lover, Time Thief, Girl’s Best Friend

So, you are getting married eh? How about we get to know each other a bit, after all, I will be with you all day on one of the most emotional days of your life.

Wedding Photography is not just about taking great pictures. My theory is that the photographer is the closest person to the bride from beginning to end on this emotional day; so she should be well, her best friend, if only for a day. All a Bride wants is peace of mind and a smooth flow of events, I take joy in assisting you in the last minute details in the enchanting journey to the altar. Given my years of experience, I’ve mastered the skill of anticipating what’s next, and been known for problem solving before my Bride even knows of any issues. It’s what I love to do so it comes naturally.

Contact me today, let’s meet up over coffee and talk weddings.

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Alexandra Hayes
The best way to describe LaViera might be... Excellence at it's best. Before the wedding they were very helpful in guiding us with details of how to even put together our wedding day schedule. During the wedding, I gotta tell you, I wouldn't have made it through the day if it wasn't because both the photographers were there to tell me what to do next! HA! Now that it's over I can clearly see how they played a major part on how my wedding went, from the pre wedding planning to the actual wedding day, they were essential to keeping me sane. Oh Yeah, of course the photos were fabulous too. Just I had to mention what great people they are to have around. It's a challenge finding talent with hospitality.
Bethany Furgeson
We used LaViera for our engagement shoot and then for our wedding day. Both times we were beyond pleased. It wasn't just that the photos were super artsy and different, it was also how they always looked for ways to accommodate us when their were challenges, specially when I had issues with my wedding day schedule. That help out a lot. Anyway, we are in love with our wedding photos and they were so much more than we could have ever asked for. Thanks.
The quality of the photos we received is a clear indication of how truly professional the Photographers at LaViera are. I can't wait to build my wedding album. I look forward to picking out the best photos!
My family still talks about how cool the photographers were to work with on the day of my wedding. Trust me, my family can be a rough crowd. Thanks for your patience guys.
My family still talks about how cool the photographers were to work with on the day of my wedding. Trust me, my family can be a rough crowd. Thanks for your patience guys.
Any Grifistein
I am very much into pictures, as it is one of hobbies, so having the best photos for our wedding was important to me. I also wanted a photographer who would give the groom and groomsmen as much as attention ad the bride and her girls. We totally got that from the two photographers at LaViera. I was impressed on the wedding day but even more impressed once we got the photos.
Any Grifistein
I am very much into pictures, as it is one of hobbies, so having the best photos for our wedding was important to me. I also wanted a photographer who would give the groom and groomsmen as much as attention ad the bride and her girls. We totally got that from the two photographers at LaViera. I was impressed on the wedding day but even more impressed once we got the photos.
Kathy Steinfield
There were so many things I missed. With so many things happening at once and me being so emotional I just could'nt take it all once. Luckily my photographers capture every details. From wedding favors and center pieces to guests emotions and my silly uncle John in the dance floor. They didn't miss a thing!
Chloe Jefferson
Now that the wedding day is over and I am looking back at all the decisions I made I can tell you the only one that is evident after the wedding is the photos. It's the one thing you still have to look at every day after the wedding. I am so relieved that I chose LaViera, because my photos look great. At first I was flipping through my album like everyday! I couldn't stop looking at them. Now I am down to once per week. Ha!
To be honest, my wedding didn’t turn out the way I wanted because it rained. I was a bit bummed out about it but my LaViera Photographer Crystal immediately suggested we did a Bridal Session the next day and even offered it no charge! Thanks to that I was able to get beautiful photos from my album because the next day was sunny and perfect! If it wasn’t for this, It would have been a disaster for me because my pictures are really important to me. Thank you.
James and I cannot express to you how grateful we are for all that you have done in helping us capture our special day. From the moment we met you, you put our minds at ease, making the huge decision of choosing a photographer a simple task. We are so very impressed with your work from our engagement and bridal shots, to your ability to capture some of the most precious moments of our wedding. We also appreciate the way you and your team handled yourselves during our wedding and reception, doing everything in your power to lead and direct our bridal party without adding any undue stress. Most of all, we appreciate you making yourself available to help us fulfill our dreams in being able to exquisitely capture the most important day of our lives.
Yadi L.
LaViera ALWAYS delivers! They're great at capturing the important details of that special day and turning it into an unforgettable image. From beginning to end you feel like you're in good hands... and the work speaks for itself! I highly recommend LaViera Photography.
You are the best!!! -- your photos seem to capture every single moment of my wedding and for that I WANT TO SAY THANK YOU... LaViera Photography provided me with captured moment that would have been lost in the shuffle... You are amazing ..
During our wedding what stood out the most is that each detail was beautifully captured so that we can relive the day whenever we like. She has an amazing eye, and the pictures look like pieces of art! She had scouted our location prior to our wedding, checking for great locations. Each setting she recommended, we gladly agreed to, knowing what would become of it. During family photos (which I've seen be long and drawn out at previous weddings), she had already sketched out a timeline of who would be in what picture when, creating such efficiency that we were back on the dance floor in no time. This was important to my fiancé who had lots of relatives from out of state. You will be so happy with her professionalism, flexibility, creativity and the memories she helps you to keep forever!
The photographers at LaViera did our engagement photos and now recently our wedding. Our videographer on the day of was not only unprofessional but we haven’t seen our video and he hasn’t returned our call. This made me appreciate LaViera photographers even more. They were in touch with us within days from our wedding and we received our photos within two weeks. This is great customer service.
I vowed never to get married - I lost the love of my life and swore off love. Then I met Peter and he was everything and more. When he proposed to me I need to captures the excitement and the romantic manner he proposed. We hired LaViera Photography and they captured every bit of detail that was glowing over my face and Peter's. Their professional work speaks for itself
The best thing I can think of to share is everyone’s response to the slideshow they made for us. For starters, I was in tears right along with my mom. The other part I really liked is that we could share this beautiful slideshow with friends and relatives who were too far to attend the wedding. The Photographers were professional and warm and really friendly, so it was nice to have them around all day. Overall, a great experience.
I met Crystal at a baby shower they covered, for my friend. I wasn’t even engaged then, her baby is like six years old now I think? Anyway, I got engaged a year ago and my friend referred me to Crystal. I liked their pictures right away but tested them out with an engagement shoot first just to get a feel for how they ran things. Everyone loved my engagement pics so booked them for my wedding. They took like a gazillion pictures that day so choosing the best ones out of like 900 was super hard. I still havent picked out my pictures for my wedding album. They were creative, and different too which is what I wanted. I also liked that the pictures weren’t forced or fake they look natural so the pictures show the real us. I would rehire them.
Was Happy Bride Crystal was really good at including me and my groomsmen in the photos. The wedding is not just about the bride, I wanted to be sure I got a lot of shots of me and my boys, and I did. I also needed extra shots of my great grandparents, they are kind of old and we didn’t have any good pictures of them so we got those. The reception got a little crazy and a lot of my family members were drunk an wild, I knew that was going to happen. Any Crystal just went with the flow and kept shooting at all the craziness. Now looking back at it in pictures I am glad I have even the crazy moments on record. Hey, it’s all part of the wedding day right?
My mom used LaViera maybe eight years ago to do our family portrait. Since then my sister has gotten engaged, married and had my niece Jessica. They have covered all my sister’s photos so naturally I went with them on my wedding day. I already knew what I was getting seeing as I was a bridesmaid at my sisters wedding, and saw her cool album, but it’s a whole different story when you are the actual bride. Anyway, I got everything I wanted, but what two things I couldn’t have anticipated was how fun and smooth my day went and also how much I liked taking the pictures. Overall I had a great experience and my pictures are everything I wanted and expected. This was important to me but more now than ever cuz I am pregnant and always thinking of my kids. I guess its also time for a maternity shoot
I got back from my honeymoon and my pictures were ready. I was impressed, I remember a lot of my friend who got married and has to wait months to get their photos. Then of course I saw the pictures and I immediately knew I had made the right choice.
Michele Bennett
LaViera Photography captured all our precious moments the day of our wedding. Jinnelly and Lucy were very professional and fun. They made us feel very comfortable and relaxed!!! I would recommend LaViera Photography to a friend or even a stranger!!! Thanks again for sharing and capturing our day!
They did a pretty good job . The pictures were great and my family is crazy and the day went pretty chaotic but they kept their cool and always had a smile on. I gotta give them credit for that cause there were times were it got really stressful. Thanks for your professional attitude and a good experience
I initially hired Crystal because I thought she would be a good match for my personality. I am kinds of shy and reserved, so that was like my biggest issue with my wedding pictures. I didn’t really know how we would take pictures that really look fun with our personalities. On the wedding day I was nervous and anxious and like really emotional, so staying calm and getting good pictures that did’nt make me look jittery. The day of my wedding I gotta say It didn’t help that I was so nervous, but I didn’t help that Crystal kept me calm and at ease. Specially during the group shots after the wedding, those can be so darn nerve racking. I also want to point out that she was helpful through out the day with stuff that didn’t seem photography related at all. I appreciated that because my bridesmaid specially my maid of honor was not helpful at all. The day went great and eventually I got over being nervouss, but while I was nervous having someone there who knows what their doing was a life saver for me. LaViera
I had Laviera Photography for my wedding this month and as many brides know nothing ever goes according to plan in fact I can name a few things that went wrong with my wedding especially regarding my DJ which had me depressed for a few days after the wedding but once I received my pictures it put me in such a great mood if I could go back and do it all over again there are a few things I would change but NOT my photographers! I had two photographers for the evening that stuck by me throughout the entire day, Jinnellys was so upbeat and kept us all in the best mood in fact so many of our guests complimented my groom and I in finding such a charismatic and extremely friendly photographer. I became completely in love with my wedding again after seeing my pictures, it made me take a step back and realize that at the end of the day no one has a 'perfect' wedding but what truly matters is the love you have for one another and Laviera Photography captured that perfectly! Every single couple I know that have been married said my photos were one of the best they've ever seen.. I would highly recommend Laviera Photography for your wedding, they are extremely innovative and are just completely down to earth. What I loved the most about Jinnellys is you can tell she truly cares about her clients and loves doing her job. What impressed me overall is I received my photos in TWO WEEKS! I didn't have to wait two months like most brides to receive my pictures which was fabulous.Thank you so much for giving me the most amazing pictures ever I just wish there wasn't so many pictures to be in love with because narrowing down the hundreds of great pictures is a little hard ;) I will 100% be back to Laviera Photography when my husband and I decide to have our first bundle of joy in fact I might even be seeing them sooner since my maid of honor is planning on having laviera for her wedding day as well !!
I liked that Crystal stuck to the schedule we both set for my wedding day. I did not have to worry about a thing. Her assistant Lucy was so very professional too! We would use LaViera again to capture our moments. LaViera
Marylin in Hartford
No words could express on how happy I was in you being the one to capture the special moments on our special day! I love the work u did for us! Thank U so much!
LaViera was our photographer for our wedding this past September 2010 and I would absolutely recommend her to any couple for their wedding. LaViera and her assistant were very professional, friendly, courteous, and punctual. My bridal party and I unanimously agreed that if it were not for LaViera, we would have been late to the ceremony! They kept us on time. My nerves were all over the place and LaViera and her assistant helped me feel very comfortable and calm. After speaking with my bridesmaids and the groomsmen, they all raved about how much fun they had taking pictures. We were instructed through many different and unique poses. We all had a blast and the pictures showed it! We were very impressed and excited when we received our pictures. We had so many beautiful photos to see and remember our very special day that comes but only once in a lifetime. LaViera was the right person for the job. We were also grateful for LaViera’s flexibility. There were a few shots that we wanted her to take of which she did not hesitate. If that was what made us happy, she went along with it! She was just so wonderful that we could not have been happier!!!
LaViera was such a blast to work with. Creative, spunky, silly & yet completely professional & on top of theirgame. They did a wonderful job of graciously prepping our family & friends for pictures, & taking beautiful photos of her own as well. Thank you so much for making this process fun & stress-free. -Carleigh, October Bride
Elated Bride
Everyone wants their wedding to be the most unique, breathtaking event ever. When I met Jinnellys, I knew her creative and passionate approach to her photography (and life) would be key in creating that. The day of my wedding, Laviera photography was sensitive to the little details that set your wedding day apart from the rest of your life. They captured our candor through genius photography and fabulous video footage. When viewing my photos, I questioned how Jinnellys and her assistant could take such great shots without being noticed. They blended into the event seamlessly! The most moving experience through it all was watching the video slide show Laviera created. You saw my nerves, my confidence, and my extreme joy, along with my husbands. It brought every emotion rushing back to reality to assure me that my wedding day, thought it felt like it, was not a dream. If you want your memories of that special day to match up with the photos you receive after it’s done, stop looking and book Laviera Photography NOW! My name is Genese and I am more than glad to speak to any Bride considering the LaViera experience on her wedding day.
Jason & Liza
The photos look BEAUTIFUL! I referred them to a friend of mine. Thanks again LaViera, you were wonderful!
Michelle in Connecticut
.the website showed her quality of work, but meeting with Jinnellys at our home was the determining factor. She made us feel at ease and confident knowing we would get what we wanted in order to remember the most important day of our life. On the day of the wedding, she made everyone feel comfortable. She was fun and professional -and so was her assistant! Everyone had a great time just taking the photos...they were natural and beautiful.
LaViera has 5 out of 5 stars based on 32 user reviews.