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See and hear the difference that an Inspiration in Motion film makes. From the sound of your vows being softly spoken to one another, to the sight of holding each other close during your first dance as husband and wife, film preserves the special moments from your wedding day with all of the voices, laughter, music and emotions.
Our filming style is creative, discreet and unobtrusive. We film your wedding day as it naturally unfolds, striving to capture the beauty in the small details that sometimes go unnoticed, and in the process, creating a unique heirloom that you can share with friends, family, and future generations.

Inspiration in Motion is a family owned and operated business, fully licensed and insured in the state of Connecticut. We have been independently filming and editing events since 1999. Along with formal education in video production, graphic design, and advanced video editing, we also offer expert audio engineering to deliver superb sound quality on your film.

View a sample of some of our wedding films below (Visit our website for more samples, prices, and information)

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64 Augur Road Ext Northford CT 06472
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Andrea Farber
Inspiration in Motion did an AMAZING job with our wedding video! We couldn't be happier with how it turned out, and have watched it so many times already! Michael and Andrew were an absolute pleasure to work with from the first day that we met them. They were so friendly and accommodating to us, and so much fun to work with on our wedding day! The film was worth every penny, they are truly the best at what they do! My husband and I are so thrilled to have used them!
megan lang
Amazing! Inspiration in motion filmed our wedding and we could not be happier! We got to see a teaser the day after our wedding that was AWESOME and we could not wait to get the full video. It did not take long to get! The video makes us re live the day! its absolutely stunning! very organic and not posed at all! We love the drone! Video is beautiful! Highly recommend!!
Where to even begin. Inspiration in Motion is a top of the line videography company. The best of the best. Michael is an absolutely spectacular and talented artist. He had a vision for our wedding video that completely encompassed the beachy theme and the vibe of the wedding. Just seeing the 2 minute trailer made me feel like he knew us forever. He knew exactly what we would want to see and how we'd want to feel when watching it. He picked the perfect song for the trailer and pulled the perfect moments from each part of the wedding to make it emotional and nostalgic. I have watched that trailer (coming attractions) clip a million times and I just feel like it's the trailer to a movie I am dying to see. The equipment he uses literally makes you feel like a movie star in a billion dollar motion picture. I mean come on he has an aerial drone camera that takes pictures from up above!!! Does it get any better than that?! My husband and I loved working with Inspiration In motion. The team is so friendly and cares so much about capturing every moment of this unforgettable day. I am beyond beyond lucky that I found Inspiration in Motion and look forward to watching our wedding video for years to come. Don't hesitate for a second to hire Inspiration in Motion for your wedding. Thank you thank you thank you!
David & Alyssa DeSandre
Best Wedding Decision We Made For us, having our wedding day captured through video was incredibly important: to witness all the smiles and laughs we weren't able to see directly, and to relive the magic of that evening over and over again for all the years ahead. Because of that, we spent a great deal of our time researching the videographers out there, finding the perfect team. We fell in love with 'Inspiration in Motion' from the 1st video preview we saw - the 30th was also pretty outstanding. Mike and Andy are a great team. They engaged wonderfully with the bridal party and guests, and worked seamlessly with our photography and music vendors. They are super creative, and make the most of every environment. Most importantly, we felt extremely at ease with these guys - and judging how natural their feature presentations come out, I think most of their clients feel very much the same. For everyone considering capturing their big day in video, we sincerely suggest you do it. And, if you really want to be wowed again and again, visit Inspiration in Motion's website, or give a call to Mike and Andy for a chat. We were so very lucky and happy to have them as part of our wedding day. Thanks again guys! Dave & Lys
Absolutely Amazing!!!! Inspiration in Motion did an absolutely FABULOUS job with our wedding video!! We looked at several vendors, however, none of them even came close to the quality of work by Michael and Andrew. Our wedding video looks like a movie. The wedding goes by so fast, but this is truly a treasure as it captures the entire day, even parts we missed. Our families and friends were blown away by the quality and amount of footage on the video. The options to have a highlight video, feature presentation, and extra scenes allows us to share our special day in a variety of ways. They were very professional, easily accessible, and not obtrusive at all. I barely noticed them. They have an eye for creativity and capturing all the special moments. I would HIGHLY recommend this company! They are worth every penny.
Amazing vendors We were not going to hire a videographer and had spent a lot on photographers for our wedding day. We are SO happy we changed our mind and that we hired Inspiration in Motion. Michael was so friendly in all of our contact ahead of time and it was clear from our first meeting that he cared about us as a couple--not simply as another source of money. He was very prompt in all of his communication and we appreciated getting updated confirmations after each payment. On our wedding day we hardly noticed the team because they did such a great job blending into the environment. The quality of the images was outstanding--I recommend getting the hi-def. We got our preview within a week of our day and we couldn't show enough people because we were so proud of it! Everyone we showed was so impressed with the quality of their work. I would HIGHLY recommend them to any one--especially those who do not think they want or need a videographer--their work cannot be matched by still photos.
Better than we could have ever imagined!!! I was amazed at the quality of these guys! We had our wedding filmed in high definition and put onto bluray and it is crystal clear. The colors are so bright and vibrant and the editing that was done was breathtaking. i have never seen such an amazing wedding video before. I am recommending Inspiration in Motion to everyone! They are worth so much more than what they are charging, people should book them now before they actually start charging what they are worth. When we were figuring out our wedding budget we were actually contemplating not having a videographer. I am so happy now that we hired one. We shared all of our pics on Facebook but really haven't looked at them that often since, but we have watched our video so many times I have lost count (completely the opposite of what I would have thought). Definitely go with Inspiration in Motion. You won't be sorry!!!
Great Wedding Video Awesome ! A real professional job. We initially had some doubts because their prices were quite a bit lower than most other videographers, but the final results proved us wrong. It didn’t even seem like they were at our wedding --- they were so behind-the-scenes, capturing all those special moments. Not only was the filming excellent, but the editing was fantastic. The sound quality and the special effects were also very impressive. We knew we picked the right company when we saw the wedding trailer video they created a few days later and absolutely loved the results. We even got our final wedding dvd in less time than we expected. There was so many fabulous moments that were perfectly captured that still photographs just couldn’t --- our wedding vows, our first dance, tossing the bouquet, the toasts, and all those very special words from our guests. These guys are really talented. We would definitely recommend Inspiration in Motion.
Fantastic Video! I couldn't believe the quality of the wedding video we got from Inspiration in Motion! It was way beyond my expectations. The videographers were very professional and helpful. They answered all my questions and always returned my calls. All my friends loved the dvd - it sure wasn't the typical wedding video. The picture and sound quality were superb and the editing job just blew us away. We certainly have a film to treasure and watch with our friends and family. The part that really impressed me was how reasonable the prices were for the quality of video we received. I would definitely recommend Inspiration in Motion to anyone for their wedding. You won't be disappointed!
Inspiration in Motion has 5 out of 5 stars based on 9 user reviews.