Connecticut Wedding Photographers

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  • David Apuzzo, Photography

    David Apuzzo, Photography

    Website | (203) 859-5825 | Email

    David Apuzzo, Photography is dedicated to your needs. Not looking for a big package? In need of something specific made available to you? Every aspect of your Wedding Photography needs is fully customizable.

    David graduated from Hartford Art School with a Bachelors in Fine Arts of Photography and also holds an Associates Degree in Graphic Design to give you more of an “artistic” outlook for your all of your wedding, event, and even portraiture photos.

  • GSP Fine Photography

    GSP Fine Photography

    Website | (860) 688-7616 | Email

    Your Wedding, it’s possibly the biggest event of your life! And of all the things you’ll spend money on— the food, the flowers, the entertainment, the video, limos and photography— what will you look at most over the next decades to remember the day? The PHOTOGRAPHY—– that’s what!

  • Jeff Lundstrom Photography

    Jeff Lundstrom Photography

    Website | (203) 585-3643 | Email

    Seriously fun wedding photography Do you believe that weddings should be fun and not all formal and fussy-like? In doing things your way and not the ‘right’ way? In actually enjoying your cocktail hour instead of being stuck taking photos? If so, then we need to talk! Hi, my name is Jeff. I am a […]

  • Jennifer Higham Photography

    Jennifer Higham Photography

    Website | (203) 671-7487 | Email

    Photography is a way to capture the uniqueness of an individual. I want to be able to preserve a moment that shows the individual for who they really are. I have been in the photography business for 23 years and I love what I do. Wherever I go, I have my camera. I don’t want to miss out on anything important. I feel the same about my clients needs.



    Website | (203) 470-1914 | Email

    Photographing people is my passion. Looking through the viewfinder and waiting for just the right time to click the shutter is so important – it’s what makes wedding photographs so emotional. That special look that the bride gives the groom at the alter or the glance the groom gives the bride on the dance floor … it’s important that I’m there to watch it all unfold.